Another proprietary tool developed via client engagement is our labour market analytics platform. Designed to provide employers, governments, and strategic partners insight into labour market activity and trends.

barchartThe Labour Market Intelligence Predictive Analytics Platform ( Nocera Inferiore LMI-PAP) is a granular reporting cloud-based intelligence and analytics software product focused on labour market metrics.

By better understanding of where prospective labour resides, the path to train and access developing skills provides proactive employers an edge in the increasingly competitive world of labour attraction, retention, and succession planning.

Some of the key components are:

  • Creating customized reports and intelligence information for government agencies
  • Creating labour market supply and demand statistics
  • Evaluate wage and salary information, industry growth vs. forecasted demand, education credentials, and certification requirements
  • Allow employers to accurately place job postings by ensuring salaries and benefits are accurately positioned against similar postings

A powerful customized solution can be developed to track longitudinal data for keys clients as well.

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