Local Employers Take Stock of Employment Market

Island Recruiting recently completed a labour survey of local employers to assess how prepared Island companies are for labour challenges in 2010.

Charlottetown, January 17, 2010 ‘ Island Recruiting recently conducted a survey assessing employers on their employment plans for 2010. Over 900 people were surveyed representing all sectors of the island economy. The results are only empirical in some categories, but the data does provide a good snapshot of sentiment and labour force planning.

Over sixty per cent of respondent companies had twenty or less employees and thirty-five per cent had five or fewer employees. Sixty-eight per cent had only full-time employees while twenty-three per cent had a combination of full and part-time staff with the majority of salaries being in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

In gauging the optimism of local businesses it was determined that 32 per cent of respondents had filled one-or-two positions in the last six months, and 23 per cent had filled three-to-five positions over the same period.

In general most businesses are planning to hire more employees in the coming year. Twenty-one per cent are planning to add to their staff in the next three months and fifteen per cent are planning to hire in the next six months.

‘The plans of small business to increase their staffing complement in the next twelve months is a clear optimism indicator’, states Blake Doyle of Island Recruiting. ‘This is a signal that business on PEI has the visibility to feel confident we are exiting the recession and staffing will return to pre-recession levels’.

The first quarter of 2010 appeared to be period where firms had the most identifiable plans to hire new employees. The further out the planning, the less consistent the hiring planning appeared. As a means to address the labour gaps, only thirty-six per cent of respondents had considered augmenting their labour force with foreign workers and thirteen per cent required more information on the subject before they could form an opinion.

When asked what was the most significant single-issue facing employment in 2010, the answers resonated around several main themes. The main concerns for employers in 2010 can be summarized as the economy and effects of the recession, economic growth in light of recent declining revenues, the impact of minimum wage, finding a qualified workforce, labour shortages, and staff retention.

‘The survey results are an interesting view into labour challenges at the business level’, commented Blake Doyle. ‘The concern is that while many operators are optimistic there appears to be a lack of recognition that with the economic recovery comes increasing labour shortages. Employers will need to embrace new methods of sourcing and retaining employees. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients to find the best methods of solving these pending labour challenges.’

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