With our proprietary tools and processes developed and honed by years of client engagement and feedback, we are unlike your typical recruiting firm. Our clients benefit from a customized recruiting solution that fits their specific needs, they do not have to fit ours!

We scope the project carefully with them to ensure seamless knowledge share before we begin the candidate search process. Our tools also include a granular reporting process that keeps our clients informed during each stage of the process, from the initial market scan for candidates until the wrap of the entire project.





We will undertake a comprehensive market scan to find the best possible candidates to present to our clients. Our unique search process encompasses a variety of traditional and proprietary techniques.

The first step in The Nominee Search Process™ is to understand our client’s organization and culture, the scope and requirements of the identified position, and how this role will integrate with the rest of the organization’s team.


Once the organizational needs are defined, a job description is drafted for promotion. The most appropriate promotion mediums are identified and can include: Focal HR’s proprietary internal database, print media advertising, electronic publication, social media promotion, and industry enquiries.


Once the candidate pool has been established, reviewing and screening potential candidates begins. Each submission is reviewed against the corporate goals and position responsibilities; we qualify each candidate that advances past this stage, and have a defined rationale as to why we feel the qualified candidate should advance.


Qualified candidates are contacted for preliminary screening. Only well-aligned prospects advance past The Candidate Qualifier™ stage.


iconmathThe pre-evaluation of qualified candidates makes the selection process much more efficient and effective for our clients. Prior to any candidates advancing to meet with our client, we prefer to conduct face-to-face assessments to ensure cultural and expectation compatibility with our client’s organization.

We review the position requirements and affirm the candidates understanding and interest in the role presented. We can also answer any detailed questions that candidates may have on specifics of the role, organization, and remuneration.

Only qualified candidates that have successfully completed The Evaluation Method™ will be considered for presentation to our clients. A final assessment and review is completed internally before recommending any candidates for interview.


iconbrainThe field of successfully screened candidates will vary by role and organization preference. The average number of qualified candidates evaluated is usually between two to five, depending upon the request of our client.

If our client prefers we can conduct reference checks, background screening, and even candidate profiling to match specific attributes to the organizational goals of the firm.

Qualified candidates are presented to our client in The Team Expansion Presentation™ with their resume and our Focal-Notes™ to assist with the evaluation process.

Candidates that do not meet the client’s specific criteria will be contacted and politely advised as to the outcome of the search process. theoretically  


iconintegrateWe want to ensure that both the successful candidate and our client are satisfied with the outcome of their hiring decision. We will check back with both parties at specified intervals to ensure that all parties are happy and are progressing well together. The Integration Outcome™ is our follow-up step to ensure The Focal HR Talent Finder™ was a positive experience for all involved, and to be ready to support any additional HR needs our clients may have in the future.

Let Island Recruiting and Focal HR be your specialists in locating the best-suited candidates for your organization!

Immigration & Foreign Recruiting

A strategic augment to our domestic recruiting is our foreign recruitment service. We built our business model on supplying foreign skilled labour to the Canadian marketplace. Today we have expanded to include local recruiting, temporary placements, and HR consulting.

As Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) members, we are certified to coordinate all aspects of the foreign recruiting process. We have connections to over 50 countries from which to source candidates, and have completed foreign recruiting placements from senior management in multinational companies to health care professionals, line-processors, and service industry workers. 

Our refined approach encompasses all aspects of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and foreign advertising/screening. We provide videoconference interviews where required or arrange on the ground meetings. We have traveled overseas to interview candidates, and supported family members to immigrate, integrate, and reunify with loved ones. We even provide landing and integration services if required by an employer.

We have covered all aspects of the foreign recruiting process, and we take great pride in ensuring that all employees have a personal connection, regardless of how far they are traveling to join their employer.


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