Welcome Twenty 15

A new year ushers in new opportunities and perhaps new challenges. As one year draws to a close, a new beginning opens new possibilities. Personally, I feel 2015 has potential to be a great year. For many this will be a difficult year of transition as the economy will be in a period of adaptation. … Continued

Challenges to Access Foreign Talent

Anyone following the dynamic immigration policies of the last few years will appreciate both the program complexity and frequency of change to the Temporary Work Permit process. The Federal government is committed to ensuring Canadian workers have the first opportunity to fill all available jobs. While well intentioned there remain some employers who, despite high-localized … Continued

Island Recruiting/EmployPEI receives Pilot and Discovery Fund assistance

Charlottetown, PE, November 1, 2014 – Island Recruiting/EmployPEI along with four other island companies were awarded funding from the Provincial government’s Pilot and Discovery Fund. The Pilot and Discovery Fund is a competition to find and support projects that are early stage and have a strong potential for success. Research and development requires up-front costs … Continued

The wait is over

The balance has shifted and labour is empowered. Working in a HR firm, which specializes in recruitment, I have witnessed the anticipated shift in power balance from management to labour. If you consider our provincial demographics we know there was a large swell of births post-war(s) that created economic prosperity, investment and innovation. That bulge … Continued

Tea Time or Tax Spiral

Most small business owners like to keep their head down focused on business while scraping away to try and keep things moving forward. When times are difficult this focus is ever more important, and sensitivities to encumbrances becomes more pronounced. When times are good, it is easy to overlook some irritants. Today, times are tough. … Continued

Policy Shifts Part Waters

Societal reform moves at a glacial pace. Change on PEI is arguably slower, and less welcome; but change is underway and so too are unexpected challenge. Recent amendments to Employment Insurance Act were designed to, not so gently nudge, available workers into the workforce. This is appropriate and business owners recognize the purpose behind this … Continued

Arrested Development

When you observe the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, there are many commonalities that emerge. Having a vision and an ability to execute is a unique skill, and a trait that is not often embraced. Those who challenge convention are often misunderstood, often criticized and on PEI almost consistently vilified. The burden of business success on … Continued

Stimulating the Catalyst ‘ more to be done

What do you do if you were a government and despite all your efforts to create economic sparks, the economy just won’t ignite? Even worse, you are staring down the barrel of an election. This is the case both domestically and in our province. Provincially, the coffers are empty. In fact the coffers have been … Continued

Premiers, Promises and Problems

This week the little sandbar on the East Coast, and equal partner in the Federation of Canadian Provinces, hosted the First Ministers for their annual retreat. These meetings are not just for professional lobbyists and photo-ops there is also the potential of coming up with meaningful consensus on significant national issues. An area of focus … Continued

Subtle yet Positive Business Changes

The equipment assembly and bolt tightening that accompanies the arrival of the Old Home Week Midway also signals the shift in summer weather. The precision of weather change is undeniable and with the closing tonight we can turn our attention to fall activities and back-to-school. We can also reflect on the business stories from the … Continued