Strategies for Job Seekers in a Changing Environment

For anyone disbelieving the Canadian economy was in a fragile state, the Governor of the Bank of Canada affirmed your fears earlier this week. If the unexpected rate slash was an acknowledgement of just how challenged the economy is, then we can anticipate more unrest in the labour markets. In difficult times the pendulum of … Continued

Grexit impacts and Island Opportunities

Next week we will witness what happens when a developed economy, corrects. The Greek economy has been living on borrowed time for years resulting from unbridled spending and poor deficit management over numerous governments. Some may see similarities to another Island culture a little closer to home. Greece has been supported, artificially, by neighboring states … Continued

Parallels of Economic and Human Health

Observing the economy is akin to studying any other body of science. The ocean tides, the human body, the plumbing in your home, electrical systems; all are circulatory in nature. There is a fluid motion, which can be accelerated, obstructed or disabled. All of these systems must be monitored and sometimes intervention is required to … Continued

Bubble Trouble

Earlier this week, I noticed an article from the Economist journal that stated Canadian homes were 35% over valued. Ironically, I also attended a local presentation this week where Scott McEwan of Altus Group was discussing the possibility we may be approaching a bubble in commercial and residential real estate markets. What is a bubble? … Continued

Team Performance, Leadership Capabilities, and Bee Stings

  If you consider the most successful people you know, are they solely responsible for their achievements or is there a well-orchestrated team supporting the accomplished success? Team building is a critical element of success, but one infrequently discussed or acknowledged. Sports teams like the Islanders or Storm; local businesses, like BioVectra or Vector Aerospace; … Continued

Lucky 13 – Catalyst for Change

  With seventeen (17’) feet of snow reported thus far, winter 2015 is already record-breaking and unforgettable. Winter 2015 has witnessed some dramatic economic conditions. This time last year oil prices were approximately $1.09 per litre, while this year they are $0.85/ liter, a 23 per cent decrease in energy input costs. This is, perhaps, … Continued

Thoughts for Island Firms in a Turbulent Environment

  Islanders are resilient. Forced to adapt and seek advantage where our resources are often limited, and there are many current success stories of Islanders who are adapting to markets outside the Island. The coming years will be ones of austerity and self-reliance for Island businesses. Finally freed from the shackles of government intervention, which … Continued

Seeing the Opportunity Amidst Chaos

  What interesting times. Oil at an unexpected low price, our dollar depreciating in value and interest rates being slashed to unprecedented levels. A provincial government rushing to election in avoidance of presenting finances, and a Federal government delaying financials release because they are too far from an election date. Are things really this bad? … Continued

Welcome Twenty 15

A new year ushers in new opportunities and perhaps new challenges. As one year draws to a close, a new beginning opens new possibilities. Personally, I feel 2015 has potential to be a great year. For many this will be a difficult year of transition as the economy will be in a period of adaptation. … Continued

Challenges to Access Foreign Talent

Anyone following the dynamic immigration policies of the last few years will appreciate both the program complexity and frequency of change to the Temporary Work Permit process. The Federal government is committed to ensuring Canadian workers have the first opportunity to fill all available jobs. While well intentioned there remain some employers who, despite high-localized … Continued